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About Us

Quarter Press is the culmination of Chris Smith's love of the written word and lines on paper. Established in 2016, he started producing enamel pins, vinyl stickers, and other bits of nonsense that soon expanded into art prints, zines, greeting cards, key chains, shirts, magnets, tarot decks, and even coasters. However, his end goal was to start producing fully-illustrated, limited edition hardcover books.

On September 1, 2020, Quarter Press will release its first, hardcover publication, The Witch Tells the Story and Makes It True: poems by Liz Kay and illustrated by Devin Forst. The SOLD OUT hardcover was limited to 250, hand-numbered copies, but it is now available in paperback and e-formats.

His goal is to continue on in all of these areas, though focusing more on the publication side of things--from zines to new, full-length works.

In doing so, Chris will do his best to maintain an eco-friendly business (as his goal for 2020 is to eliminate ALL of his plastic packaging). Even more, he's trying to be as conscious as possible with the businesses he works with, as he identifies as--though is still constantly learning to become better--a feminist, an antiracist, and an LGBTQ+ ally. (Again, he's still learning and willing to listen and reflect on any feedback in these areas. Please, please, contact me with any concerns that you may have in these areas.) Because of this, many of Quarter Press's products will have a portion--if not 100% of the proceeds--donated to various organizations. These may include the NAACP LDF, The Okra Project, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, World Wildlife, The Loveland Project, individual GoFundMe for families of victims of police brutality, and others. (Please reach out if you have suggestions for folks doing amazing work and in need of funds or if you would like to see records of our donation history.) 

Hopefully, you'll connect with our ethos and our productions. Because, really, everything we make is like a quarter on the sidewalk: It's worth picking up.


Contact Info

If you have questions / concerns about our products, please contact us at the email below. Same for any suggestions for causes to donate to or any feedback / critique you may have for me in regards to being a better feminist, antiracist, and ally.