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Bookplates! 4"x2" Vinyl Stickers!

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Tired of people borrowing your books and never returning them? Want to keep a few notes about your books but don't want to keep up with Goodreads? I've SOLVED THE PROBLEM!

These 4" x 2" vinyl bookplates are perfect for any book that needs some extra profanity. And they can be bought singly or in discounted packs!

ALL of these bookplates can easily be written on with a permanent marker or pen.

The "Date I Started..." bookplate is a matte vinyl, with a smooth finish, and while your book might not be, the sticker is weatherproof.

The Eff Bomb bookplates are printed on a fabric vinyl that gives them a slightly rough texture but is still easy to write on. On some surfaces, but not paper, this can also be removed more easily at a later date.