Pick Your Own VINYL Sticker Packs! 3, 5, or 10!

Pick Your Own VINYL Sticker Packs! 3, 5, or 10!

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In order to make your sticker choices even easier, you can now buy ANY of my stickers available in a build-your-own pack! Or if you want to take a gamble, you can also simply ask for my choices for you!

You can pick a pack of three, five, or 10 stickers! Please list your choices in the comments, and I will fulfill as possible on a first come, first served basis. Remember, many of these designs are LIMITED, with quantities already dwindling, and once gone, they're gone for good!

Each sticker is VINYL, weatherproof, and should hold up for a number of years with basic wear and tear. They range in size from 2" - 3.5" long or tall. Some are clear, some are holographic, glittery, or plain ol' white vinyl. Most are matte, but some are a satin / semi-gloss, and a few are outright glossy. You'll need to check the indivual listings for item specifics.

That being said, stickers already sold in multipacks may be limited for choice here. For now, though, you may choose from the following stickers:


  • "Not a Passholder" Crying Mickey
  • Pentagram Goat Merlin by @futurelandfillpress
  • "Let That Shit Go" Elsa by @designpathology
  • "Let's Drink Until Our Hearts Stop" Sleeping Beauty Kings
  • "Squeeeeeeeeeeeak" Russel from UP
  • "What the Fuck Just Happened" Bernard from Rescuers
  • Mad Hatter / Jimmy Eat World Lyrics
  • Dumbo / DeVotchka Lyrics
  • Lilo & Stitch / Beyonce Lyrics
  • Cruella DeVille / M.I.A. Lyrics
  • Yzma / STRFKR Lyrics
  • Robin Hood / Korn Lyrics
  • Marie "No Pets Without Consent"
  • "Who Wants a Mustache Ride?" Captain Hook
  • Any of the Series One Robin Hood Eff Bomb Designs (EXCLUDING Lady Kluck--as she is SOLD OUT!)
  • Any of the Series Two Robin Hood Eff Bomb Designs (EXCLUDING the Sheriff--as he is SOLD OUT!)
  • Merlin, Wart, Archimedes, or Mim from the Series One Eff Bomb Designs
  • Wart Potter, Dumberlin, Fawksamedes, or Voldemim from the Sword in the Sorceror's Stone series
  • "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat..." Doormouse from Alice in Wonderland
  • "These are my eggs!" Joanna and McLeech from Rescuers Down Under
  • "Well.... There Goes Bill" from Alice in Wonderland
  • "Hey Fellas, I'll Take Off All My Clothes" Cabaret Mouse from Great Mouse Detective

Over the Garden Wall Inspired

  • "Who Wants to Play Two Old Cats?" Greg
  • "I Wanna Steal" Fred the Horse
  • "Frogs Really Love the Basson"
  • "The Total Package" Jason Funderberker
  • "Ol' Windbag" Bottled North Wind
  • Green "We Do What We Want" Greg
  • Blue  "We Do What We Want" Greg
  • "I Will Wait Forever" Wirt

Artist Series:

  • Holographic Leia and Jabba by @hellomynameistam
  • Holographic "Overwhelming Depression" by @hellomynameistam
  • Depression Monsters from the Five Pack - Various Designs by @hellomynameistam
  • Skater Nude by @velazcogitano
  • Skull Bat by @leviticusrot
  • Carion Crow by @leviticusrot

Space Bird & Co:

  • Space Bird
  • Space Hiss
  • Space Frog / R. Bliss
  • Space Possum by @tittybats
  • Space Godzilla by @isawadino

Other Nonsense:

  • Connie the Hormone Monstress "Fuck All These Fucking Fucks"
  • "Joojle" / Google Spoof (from Big Mouth)
  • Captain Planet "Let's Save This Fucker!"
  • Glow in the Dark Grinch Who Stole Christmas Smile
  • "People are the Worst"
  • "I Want to Do Strange Things with You" Person
  • "Stop Watching Me Die" Hourglass
  • "What the Fuck is Going on?" Dipper (from Gravity Falls)
  • Prismatic Bill Cipher Astrology Circle (from Gravity Falls)

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